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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Although everybody thinks he hot stuff now and guys like me will shut up cause DD played well and his line create some offensive.....well haters will shut up....

But i ain't no haters....cause i don't hate just for the fun of it or to troll poeple out. I stand by 100% what i've said in the past. DD got huge upside to his offensive game but also huge downside to his defensive game and although he is asset for his offensive games......still he remains a one dimensionnal players to me.

Don't get me wrong, i'm truly happy with what's happening this season with the Habs and what's happening right now with this line.

But i'm a hater......I hate things as you all do...but i truly hate the fact that some of you keep overrated him.

Just right now...DD our 1st center....well, he'll be our first center the day he face up the best offensive line and be able to keep them from producing while producing himself. But that's Plekanec job, so he is in mymmind still the first center

I'll give credit to DD anyway, in the last couple of games he's been really good.....but not as good as Pacioretty (First star in the NHL this week) and not as good as Gallagher.....and poeple who still think he is the reason for the succes of those 2 guys are way wrong.

That line is working right now...and that's all it matters in the end.

But the question you should all ask yourself is the following: How comes this line start to work exactly at the same time Galchenyuk was taking out of the center position and put on wing with Eller (and his production start to slow down)?

Can't sheltered two lines at the same time........

But i know......offensive and scoresheet is everything right?
Fair and reasonable post. Much that I agree with.

I'd say that Desharnais ought to be afforded the same courtesy we give most young players who are still new to the NHL though, in regards to flaws in their games. Desharnais has his flaws, which you've rightly noted, but I'd argue that he's intelligent on ice, hard working, and that those flaws will be shored up before long--if not turned into strengths. He has the ability to be good defensively, in my mind: he's crafty with the puck, good at stripping opponents of the puck or forcing turnovers. That's fundamental to good defense. In fact, that's fundamental to Montreal transition hockey.

You're right that Desharnais needs sheltering. He's also still new to the NHL and, despite his age, still far from a finished product. Given his history, and his on ice smarts and hard work, he's a tough one to bet against.

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