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Originally Posted by Habs13 View Post
You must be a Montrealer if...

You pronounce it "Muntreal", not "Mahntreal".

Your only concern about jaywalking is getting a ticket.

You agree that Montreal drivers are crazy, but you're secretly proud of their nerves of steel.

You greet everyone, from lifelong bosom friends to some one you met once a few years ago, with a two-cheek kiss.

Shopper's Drug Mart is Pharmaprix and Staples is Bureau en Gros, and PFK is finger lickin' good.

Everyone on the street - drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists - think they're immortal, and that you'll move first.

You know that Rocket Richard had nothing to do with astrophysics.

You measure temperature and distance in metric, but weight and height in Imperial measure.

You show up at a party at 11 p.m. and no one else is there yet.

You don't drink pop or soda, you drink soft drinks.

You have yet to understand a single announcement made on the Metro PA system, no matter what the language.
I'm not from Montreal but I visited it there in April, those are the ones I still remember from visiting there.

My cousin almost stopped me from jaywalking About the two kiss, I found that when I met my cousins friends, they didn't do the two kiss thing, partly cause they knew in Toronto that people never did that and thought it would be weird for me, but I got used to it.

So true about the party and nobody there at 11. We went to a club at around 12:30. About the soft drink comment, ooh now I can identify Montreal people for work the customers either say "regular/large coke/sprite" etc etc but those with Montreal accents ALWAYS say soft drinks. Interesting list!

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