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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Who cares about the rule book of Sandysan??? Charing and Instigating are two different penalties.

If you high stick someone in the face, and while he's down (or on his way back up) you get in his face, push him around to the point where's you're instigating him into a fight, are you gonna say that ''meh, the high stick go hand in hand''??
That's the dumbest crap I've ever heard.

Chara skated from mid ice and gave Emelin a check, they usually call it a charge if the player's skate leave the ice before the contact, but at 12 feet Chara will never do that. Still, skating from meters away with one intent only can be called as interference or charging. That alone was a penalty, and you even see the ref raise his hands right then and there. That's before any fight has started.
So even the refs thought it was a penalty.

After that, Chara stays over Emelin, shoving him around to the point where he has no choice but to drop and defend himself (the refs didn't even come in to prevent the fight). That's instigating.

If you can't make a difference between both, you really shouldn't be discussing what's a penalty or not.

They called the instigating, but the refs had raised their hands before for the interference. Two different penalties should have been called on Chara.

As for Emelin, was it a penalty? I don't think so. It was a routine crosscheck, you see a million of them during games, just look at the battles in front of the net. It seriously happens on every play with players in front of the net.
But if you want that to be a penalty, then you can make a case that Seguin embellished it as well.

You think people would be singing a different tune if it happened to one of our players? Well, Desharnais got absolutely flattened in front of the net by a McQuaid crosscheck right after the MaxPac goal. Nobody whined about it in the media, or here.
1) If you check a guy to get him to drop the gloves or drop the gloves to grab a fist full of sweater, its not charging or holding, its a guy wanting to fight.

2) its not the refs job to break up fights, or the linesmen when two guys want to go. If emelin does not want to dance with chara, perhaps he shouldn't stick the bruins best forward.

3) deharnais is no seguin, and I've already said that I didn't like the hit on sub an or the cross check. If the have would have responded ( the way white did with that monster Fleischman) I'd be okay with that although we don't have a lot of choices to go with McQuaid.

4) I watch a lot of hockey, I don't see guys breaking sticks on guys 20 times a game but its nice to know that there are fans that are so fundamentally ignorant of the game that they think that a guy can cross check the teams best player and then politely decline the obligation to pay the piper. What's the weather like there in bizarro world?

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