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03-04-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Ellerby couldn't beat any of them for a job, he couldn't beat Strachan who doesn't have a big contract, so stop making excuses for him. He's playing better there, he didn't here. I'd rather have him than Kuba, but he didn't beat him out. I'm sure you'll carry on about something as usual, but thats the fact that matters. Thus, he's gone. Sorry pal
so you're saying that strachan, kuba and weaver played better hockey than he did? c'mon man. he wasn't ever given a real chance. tallon and dineen may have their reasons but from where i sit, he's a better option than any of those guys and the value of a young, cheap and good Dman to a team like us (hell, any team) should be way more than a 5th round pick. that should've counted for something as well.

Originally Posted by Erick View Post
He looks so good that he started on the 1st d-pair and was quickly demoted.
He's playing a little over 15 minutes per game there, which is the same amount of ice time he got here.

Keaton Ellerby is extremely replaceable. The fact that he's clearly better than some of our d-man only shows how bad some of our d-men are. It says nothing about Keaton Ellerby.
i agree. never said he was irreplaceable, just that he held much more value for us as a cheap, young, good Dman than any of those other guys who make more (probably even through ellerby's next contract) and will be gone in 1-2 years. and i still say he has some upside as a puck mover (not really in terms of point generation).

when you consider he played at least well if not better than most of them, the decision to dump him looks rather questionable.

anyhow, enough about ellerby. i do have a nagging feeling tho that it might be part of a larger problem where better value is going the other way, out of florida. i turned on the Bs and habs last night and who was on the ice with 30 seconds left when the (now) 14-3-2 Bs needed a goal? yep - horton and campbell. and they've already got a ring there. what do we have to show for that trade? howden? yeah, i know - horton didn't want to be here blah blah blah. i don't really buy that crap, tbh (not that he didn't say trade me but that it was the correct approach in the first place to ask that question).

back to weiss, i feel bad for him, really - this was the year he's been waiting for and it ends up being a turd of a year with everyone being hurt, goaltending falling apart and him dealing with what must be some kind of nagging injury. i'm thinking he might actually consider resigning a one year deal to get a do-over.

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