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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
I'm just paraphrasing what he said in the interview. He does not believe in building through UFA's and that you build the team through the draft and use UFA to fill holes. He sees the UFA market as secondary. Prust is a perfect example of how he views the UFA market.
We've already built the team's core through the draft, mostly. This year's series of 2nd-rounders won't get us a star, nor will our late 1st-round pick, so this year's draft is a gap-filler, not a place to land our missing piece.

Last year was our perfect-storm for a top draft pick. This year appears to be the perfect-storm for a prime UFA. We seem to be clearing cap space for more than re-signings, so we may be preparing to invest in one star. Here's why we might get him: our stock is soaring as a legit contender. Players will like the idea of becoming part of an O6 team that's young and whose window is opening. We can pay with the big boys. If we're ever going to land a prime UFA, this year is it. Clarkson would be great. Also realistic. Perry would never have been possible, but maybe this is the year we have enough bait to get someone like him and make headlines on the UFA market.

If the goal is BPA, then the only place to go is through free agency.

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