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03-04-2013, 09:12 PM
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I think Clarkson would be a great signing. I think he would fit in well on our (what seems to be) 3 offensive line system. I could see him play with Chuckie. Yeah Clowe could fit the bill as well, but Clarkson has that extra little bit of sandpaper (Atleast in my eyes, maybe I just don't watch Clowe that much)

Like Bergevin said, when you make a signing or a trade, you look and say (Something around these lines) "Which role does this player fit in when we become a successfull/winning team? --- You don't build a winning team through free agency. You fill in spots that will help you get to the top and that will stay for a while, guys like Prust" (TVA Sports w/Rejean Tremblay @ Start of the video) and I'm not in MB's head, but if you look at the Prust signing, and the kind of players they had in Chicago, I wouldent be surprised if he angles David Clarkson this offseason. He fits in that Second/Third line offensive role with that extra bit of grit.

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