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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
I still don't get why the 29 other teams would never use their best defensive line against what has been the Habs best offensive line since 2 seasons now. It's not like the Habs coaching staff always had the last word in it! And I don't think the 29 other coaching staffs are dumb enough to put their 4th line against them on a regular basis. I have a hard time believing this.

Actually, the best defensive line of a team is often the 3rd. So I wouldn't be surprised if DD's line often have to face this line. You may see it as being "sheltered" because it's a "bottom line". But I'm pretty sure that other teams are wise enough to place their best defensive players against them now.

By the way, you may use the word "sheltered" this way, but many other DD's detractors here kept arguing that he could only succeed if he was being "sheltered" between 2 big wingers, which he is now proving to be wrong.

1- it makes Martin and Cunneyworth pass off as geniuses for outsmarting opposing coaches by sheltering DD

(I think that by now, we know they weren't )

2- 50% of games are played on the road, where the local team has final say on lines matchup (unless we're assuming that the other 29 coaching staffs are a bunch of morons)

3- maybe Therrien should go 'full Smurf' and play a line of Gallagher - Desharnais - Gionta, just to prove DD can/can't cut it in the NHL once and for all

Patch - DD - Cole was one of the most productive lines in the NHL last year, and they weren't on the other teams' radar? Yeah, right

Guess what? It won't happen every night, but whether it's Max - DD - Gally or any other line combo, Desharnais' line will get their fair share of points/hit the other team where it hurts/win Habs games.

The beauty of it all is that (* crossing fingers that the team's core stays in shape *) Habs don't have to rely on one single trio to get goals. Scoring can come from the first 3 lines, and even the 4th can contribute every now and then.


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