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Wa gwan?
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Originally Posted by jacK View Post
to get our fresh blood acquainted, or our old blood re-acquainted.
feel free to add any questions/topics i miss... this is off the cuff

Name (if comfortable giving out) and/or origin of screen-name:
Where ya from:
Favorite Current Red Wing player(s):
Favorite All-Time Red Wing player(s):
Favorite non-Red Wing player(s):
Least-Favorite non-Red Wing player(s):
Favorite food:
Favorite beer:
Other teams/sports you watch:

so, there's a start... let's hear it.
My name is Michael, people call me MJP as they are my initials. An old Jamaican guy I used to do Muay Thai with always referred to me as "dat bwoy mjp" "dere go dat bwoy MJP" and it kinda stuck. It's also my PSN and Instagram name. If you want to look at pictures of food or play me in NHL 13 feel free to add me on either one of those.

I was born in Detroit but lived my whole life a few miles away in Roseville.

Z is my favorite current wing along with Pav, Kronwall, I really like Bert and Andersson a lot as well.

All time would easily be Yzerman and Shanahan, followed by Vladdy, Lids and Fedorov, Draper, Maltby, etc.

Favorite non Wing ever is Pavel Bure, Lecavalier is probably my favorite player from the next generation after that (I'm 21 years old), like Karlsson and Spezza, Giroux, Stamkos, St. Louis. I pay attention to Tampa a lot since Stevie Y is there.

Least favorite non-Wing is the default native Detroiter answer; turtle. I would also love it if Jeremy Roenick would ****.

Favorite food: animals

Favorite beer is Newcastle Brown Ale

Other sports/teams would be Detroit Tigers/Lions etc. Team USA in just about anything, and I've been a lifelong Clippers fan since my aunt and uncle live out there and had season tickets when they were filled with Piatkowskis and not Pauls/Griffins/Crawfords. U of M fan as well.

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