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Originally Posted by northvanman View Post
What you've described in terms of east and west placement of teams makes the most sense to me, whether they do it with two or four divisions. Personally I prefer the two divisions - in the old four division format, the Mid East was perennially much weaker than the other three divisions, and the Mid West was always weaker than the Far West. What happened many years is teams in the Far West and Far East missing the playoffs when teams with worse records in one or both of the Mid divisions getting in.

The snag may be UOIT. When this topic was discussed on these boards last summer, someone commented that when UOIT joined, the OUA committed to them that they'd play on the west.
Ya, I remember that as well. I still don't understand why. If that's actually true and the OUA absolutely won't move them, then the only other choice is to split up U of T and Ryerson, and send only one of them to the west (assuming Laurentian and Nipissing will be together in the east). And I just can't see that happening.

As for how many divisions there will be, I was only using the four division system from a scheduling standpoint. Although it will probably stay at just two, if you look at the schedule for the teams in the east, it is pretty much constructed along those lines (west is more balanced I assume because the teams are, with the exception of Lakehead, not as far distances from each other as in the east). Mid east teams only play the far east ones twice, while they play the teams within their groups either 3 or 4 times.

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