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03-04-2013, 10:40 PM
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saskachewan is blue collar

you wont find many guys is suits here. you will find dirty,sweaty guys. farmers,oil workers,miners,machinists, iron workers. you dont bring guys into my town looking for a fight. you will find opponents such as farmers, iron workers, miners. tough dudes. us blue collar guys are raised at a young age, you cut the grass, shovel snow, stack bales, push your car out from 3 feet of snow. and it gets built into the minds of young hockey players. carry yourself on the ice as you do at home. after my dad retired from work, he worked with former nhler selmar odelin, who at that time was a power contractor.and he was as ripped as he was in his nhl days. am i surprised what luke schenn brings to the flyers, no. now go ask him how much grass he cut,snow he shoveled, how many times he pushed his car out the snow. then you will see where his work ethic comes from.luke will tell you he did all that and young brayden just sat back and watched lol. brayden did more than luke would tell you he did. he too is tough and has very good work ethic.

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