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03-04-2013, 11:04 PM
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I am just starting out (as a 29 year old) but have played other sports and reasonable levels. Anyways my question relates to equipment in particular but specifically sticks. I have just started skating lessons and seem to be going pretty well (progressing faster than anyone else) but still am ordinary. Accordingly I thought I would get a pair of skates to start with, only problem is being in Australia they are sooo much cheaper overseas. Easton eq20's are 200 here, 80 bucks plus shipping online. This sort of difference in price is consistent with pretty much every piece of equipment as far as I am aware of. Therefore it makes much more sense for me to lump everything into one big parcel to save on postage. With that being said, how the hell do I know what stick I should get?

In the equipment thread Jarik mentioned a various number of sticks for beginners. I have found all of them online at prices I am prepared to pay but what flex, lie etc. Would be a good starting point? I am a touch of 6 foot and have strong arms but I think my wrist strength is actually pretty poor (never played any wristy sports). My plan is to get a CCM crossover wood senior stick, right/Thornton and also a CCM RBZ60 sr right/85/tavares. I can get these for a 140.

Considering the situation what do you think of my plan?

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