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Bauer Dilemma

I currently am skating in a pair of Bauer Nexus 600's. They fit ok, but I am busting out of them a little bit and the heel hock could be better. I have tried both the Graf insole and the Superfeet yellow insole and the Superfeet push my feet up to much and when I lace them up I get lace bite, while the Graf inserts are better but the heel lock still just is not there. I already wear skate socks and have switched between cloth and waxed laces. I have tried on every skate currently out and in every one I either bust out of it, or the heel lock is not good. The only other skate that comes close to working is the Bauer Supreme One.9. In the D width the heel lock is excellent without even lacing them up but the forefoot seems to be a little to small and hurts a bit. When I go up to a EE width the heel becomes like my Nexus 600's, just ok but not to where it should be. Should I pick up a pair of One.9's and get the forefoot stretched or would I be better just sticking with the Nexus 600's and try to get something to get a better heel lock? Or is there another skate I have passed over that would work better? If it helps to suggest skates I am 6'1" and 230 lbs with a wide forefoot and a high instep. Any help or input would be appreciated!

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