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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Make no mistake.... the council is split 3-3 and Weiers will be playing both sides against each other.
Its certainly beginning to look that way. On the one hand, he reportedly asks for Tindalls resignation (who has yet to actually hand in a resignation letter) who verbally obliges with 3.5mnths left until his review; now here Weiers says "I think its kind of crazy" that they would be holding a Performance Review on Skeete when his Contracts up in 3.5-4mnths anyway, an Executive Placement Firm engaged to search for a new City Manager (Weiers encouraging Skeete to apply). Platitudes such as "I dont want us taking steps backwards" and so on. Already done that Jerry. In getting rid of Tindall prematurely, and it looks to me to be partially personal, Tindall neither malleable nor subservient, power play. Yet Skeete, who is subservient & malleable, he favours, telling council "its crazy". This Jerry Weiers guy, he needs some watching. Career politician.

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