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03-04-2013, 11:42 PM
kaiser matias
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I support the monarchy as well, so probably would pick the senate.

Were we to get rid of the monarchy and create the position of president, the obvious solution would be to simply rename the office of Governor-General to president. Like most countries the president would probably not have any power, so the office would likely adopt the same role the Governor-General has now, that of a figurehead.

Now the question comes up, do we appoint a president, or elect one? Appointing one seems undemocratic and contrary to the very idea of having this system. Electing one would cost us a lot more than the monarchy does now. An election would cost millions, money that we currently do not spend on the monarchy (yes, we fund them on their visits to Canada, but the Queen comes here once every decade or so, while the others aren't frequent either). I'm not interested in wasting money in this fruitless exercise, but again I'm a supporter of the current system.

A radical idea I've thought of, and one that will never happen, is to appoint a distinct Canadian monarch. Bring in one of the royals, one of the younger ones like Charles' brothers or even Harry, have them live here and create a new Canadian monarchy. Obviously this will never happen for a variety of reasons, but one can dream.

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