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03-05-2013, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by bigwillie View Post
I'm a goalie, and I'm not even having fun at my weekly pickup games anymore. I don't expect shutdown defense or players laying out to block shots, but players are willingly giving up on plays and just absolutely leaving me out to dry. It's pathetic and ruining the experience for me. I'm getting hammered in front whenever I give up the slightest rebound because no one will tie up sticks or get back after odd-man rushes. Players chase pucks like tee ball players and very few it seems remember basic d-zone schemes.

The most frustrating part is now players are, after whistles and goals, immediately throwing the puck down the ice to a streaking forward, usually while guys on the other team are going off on a change after the whistle. This means half the time, the game is a glorified track meet. Very little hockey actually takes place, just a series of odd man rushes. There's almost zero cycle game anymore, and players don't even try off the puck unless there's a chance of a breakout.

As a goalie, it's just obnoxious as hell to get consistently and totally hung out to dry. Again, I don't expect shutdown defense, pickup is generally very, very loose. But I've been playing hockey for almost 15 years and it's never been this bad.

Thinking about taking a break soon.
Any leagues near you? I've got a great one I play in, and goalies play free. It's just once a week, but it's structured enough so that people care about the score and standings, and will backcheck/play defense.

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