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Originally Posted by CanaFan View Post
2004 is without doubt our best draft in the past 20 years. Schneider, Edler, Hansen.

2005 gave us Raymond and what should have been a solid player in Bourdon (RIP). Passing on Kopitar was a mistake no doubt.

2006 gave us Grabner. Seems a good pick in retrospect, even if you don't feel he would have worked here.

2007 sucked.

That's 5 (and a likely 6th) full time NHLers in 4 drafts. That is waaaay above average for this organization. And not just 4th line scrubs or cup-of-coffee journeyman either. Top 2 dman, emerging #1 goalie, 30 goal scorer, borderline 2nd line winger, and two-way 3rd liner. Gillis is off to a good start with Hodgson and Schroeder in the NHL but honestly, I probably give the nod to drafting under the Nonis regime right now.

The problem with this comparison is that Nonis has 5 years post his departure for everyone to evaluate his picks. Gillis doesn't have that same benefit.

For me, without a doubt Gillis has been better. No question in my mind about it. But of course, Jensen and Corrado first have to make the big club. Then there's the FA signings of Lack and Tanev that blow Nonis's attempts out of the water.

Even though Gillis has essentially voided one of his own drafts (2010), I still take Jensen, Schroeder and Hodgson over anything Nonis has produced. This without even getting into the depth picks like Corrado, McNally, Price, Andersson, Tommernes, Cannata, Polasek, Blomstrand, Labate and even Rodin if he gets back on track from his injuries. Simply put, Gillis is a better talent evaluate. I have felt this from his very first draft.

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