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Who's this ABD guy??
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Originally Posted by ajmidd12 View Post
5) Was Kevy's list finally burned to ashes after being proven wrong so many times?

Updates much appreciated!
It's a tragic story, in all honesty. There were some rumors of a plot to cram "the list" down Kevy D's throat. He must have benn forewarned, as he easily thwarted this effort.

There were rumors of an impending transfer to the Middle East, and a ritualistic burial into the former local of the Dead Sea scrolls. However this was merely a cover for the true final destination was Washington D.C.'s prestigious Smithsonian Museum.

Why, it was on this secret journey that the plot took an extreme turn to the obscure. A rogue band of Nordiques Shaman priests had been afoot of the entire ordeal. They confronted the secret caravan on a mid-west interstate and commenced a stand off.

In the moment of truth, "The List" was snatched and returned to the bowels of Le Collissee. It is hither to unknown as to what has become of the sacred text, but it is believed that chanting and poutine is likely involved.


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