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03-05-2013, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Everlasting View Post
Power metal is by far more creative then death, black and doom. There is soo many diffrent sounds, influences and styles of it. Death/Black often sounds just the same if you ask me. Power metal is a genre who dares to take influences from basiclly every genre out there. It does not matter if it is classic music, folk, Jazz, eurodance, blues or 80s pop music. This have created tons of diffrent styles and sounds within the genre. You can also sing about everything, there is no specific theme tied to power metal. Want to be succesfull in the gerne? You must sound diffrent from the rest.

Taking random elements from genres of music that are artistically incompatible with the spirit of metal is NOT creativity at work. It is an attempt at gathering attention by doing something "OH SO RANDOM AND CRAZY" rather than through the merit of their work being in the compositional strength.

Black metal is significantly more diverse than any other style of metal and it isn't even something that can be argued.


Power metal does not even come CLOSE to the variety of styles black metal has to its name

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