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03-05-2013, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by gonnaneedsomewine View Post
I don't know how successful Moulson would be here, especially on Sutter's team. He's not a great skater, but more importantly he's not a physical guy and he's not that great defensively. He's really just a one trick pony who gets a lot of clean-up-the-trash in front of the net goals, which is a product of playing first line minutes and getting a lot of PP time. I don't know how well his reluctance to throw his body around and his relatively poor defensive game would mesh with Sutter. When you watch him play sometimes it looks like he's just floating around waiting for Tavares to get him the puck. He's not a guy that goes into the corners looking to win battles and I wouldn't characterize him as a guy who possesses a great shot like Carter because so many of his goals are really just tap-ins in front of the net.
I'm not sure if you watch much of Moulson? He's not "floating", he is an absolute master at finding the dead areas of the ice. It's a rare skill that simply cannot be quantified. He knows how to find the holes in the defense, an innate vision that allows him to find where to be to score.

It's true, he doesn't create much offense on his own, but he is the ultimate complimentary winger. He scores, that's what he does, he just has a rare knack for it. His lack of fantastic skill means he nevers dominates levels, but it ALWAYS productive. He just knows where to be on the ice. If anybody could find those holes, then anybody could be there. But they can't. It's a rare skill, almost as rare elite level skill. When you combine that hockey sense with skill you have a Sidney Crosby, but obviously Moulson has nowhere near the skills of a Crosby.

I'll take Moulson's hockey sense anyday over a skilled guy that can't think the game. Moulson would be an absolute perfect winger for a Richards that works his ass off to finish Richards stuff, or a playmaker like Kopitar who can set things up. Moulson doesn't look great doing what he does, but almost nobody else in the NHL can be so effective in their role as Moulson.

Hockey sense like Moulson is about the one thing you CANNOT teach EVER.

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