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03-05-2013, 03:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
What's your scouting report on him:

1. Skating (speed, balance, small step skating for defense)not slow but choppy stride very shifty good in tight spot2. Physical maturity Not fully matured will level out 6'1 195lbs
3. Emotional maturity Has mean srteak at times
4. Seeing the ice (not passing the puck randomly causing turn overs)Very good vision prone to turnovers at times5. Taking hits
6. Landing hits He hits better than he receives them
7. Board work ok8. Garbage goals Some9. Sniper goals Many very good accurate shot and deceptive
10. Passing
11. Defensive awareness Average but better as he has matured
12. Being in the right position Excellent on offense knows where to go13. Leadership Not captain material goes about doing his job
14. Coachability Does what is asked of him
15. Odds of making the NHL
I say very good will start out slow in minors by second season above ppg on farm leading pp # 15

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