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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I'm not sure if you watch much of Moulson? He's not "floating", he is an absolute master at finding the dead areas of the ice. It's a rare skill that simply cannot be quantified. He knows how to find the holes in the defense, an innate vision that allows him to find where to be to score.

It's true, he doesn't create much offense on his own, but he is the ultimate complimentary winger. He scores, that's what he does, he just has a rare knack for it. His lack of fantastic skill means he nevers dominates levels, but it ALWAYS productive. He just knows where to be on the ice. If anybody could find those holes, then anybody could be there. But they can't. It's a rare skill, almost as rare elite level skill. When you combine that hockey sense with skill you have a Sidney Crosby, but obviously Moulson has nowhere near the skills of a Crosby.

I'll take Moulson's hockey sense anyday over a skilled guy that can't think the game. Moulson would be an absolute perfect winger for a Richards that works his ass off to finish Richards stuff, or a playmaker like Kopitar who can set things up. Moulson doesn't look great doing what he does, but almost nobody else in the NHL can be so effective in their role as Moulson.

Hockey sense like Moulson is about the one thing you CANNOT teach EVER.
I have seen enough of Moulson to form an opinion on him. I just don't completely agree with your take on it. While I do agree that he has solid hockey sense and is often in the right place at the right time, much more of his success has come from riding on the coattails of Johan Tavares. Moulson creates virtually no offense by himself, as he's not a great skater or puck handler. So many of his goals come from a guy like Tavares putting the puck right on his tape for him to tap in or off rebounds of John Tavares' making a move to the net and shooting. Moulson is the type of guy who puts up 30 goals on a bad team because he gets a ton of ice time playing with John Tavares and on the PP. You put him on a good team like the Kings, where the opponent doesn't take you lightly on a consistent basis (unlike the Islanders), and Moulson isn't nearly as impressive. I'd say John Tavares has made Moulson look better than he really is because of the stat sheet. People see 30 goals for three straight years and get excited. It's similar to the Joe Thornton and Cheechoo/Setoguchi situation. Take those guys away from Thornton and you see what marginal players they really are. You take Tavares away from Moulson and he struggles to score 20.

His defensive game, physicality, and game away from the puck leave a lot to be desired. I don't think he'd be as good of a fit on this team as you suggest.

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