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03-05-2013, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by bb_fan View Post
wrong wrong and wrong.

99% of the time it doenst matter who is on the ice or the bench, Chara responded the way he needed to for a cheap shot on Seguin by Emelin. What was there to be done about it? Nothing. Emelin got what he deserved. and the point you are missing here is this:

if there was no cheap shot on Seguin by Emelin, then there is no Chara beating him silly.

Prust and Lucic? this isnt the first time Prust has intiated a fight with Lucic. Dont intiate it, and it doesnt happen.

Mcquaid and Eller? Elller has no problem running his mouth and jousting with his sticl but he didnt drop the gloves, did he? so nothing there either.

Throntons questionable board of Subban? Moen, Armstrong, Prust, Bouilin (sp), i thought i heard Whites name mentioend once, is that still Ryam White? If there was going to be a response to anything, it should have been one of those guys reacting to Thorntons hit (and they are pretty much in the same weight class)

but bring up cases were your player either intiated the fight, or caused it from a cheap shot, seems a bit weird to me.

do you really think that if anyone on the candiens roster decided to intentionaly run Rask, that they would stop before hand and thinkg to themselves.... 'Well i might have to fight player X if i do this'. i've been of the opinion for a long time, if a player wants to do something blantant like that, they are just going to do it. it wont matter one bit to that person who is on the other team.
I love the hypocrisy of a Bruins fan complaining about "cheap shots". Try watching your team and you will see tons of them. Lucic cross checking Moore, Ference hitting Halpern's in the jaw with his shoulder when the puck is 40 feet behind him and he isn't looking, Chara on Pacioretty, Marchand on any player in the NHL, Boychuk's on Mason, etc... The Bruins are built on intimidation and bullying tactics. Please do not whine when your team gets some of its own medicine back.

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