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Originally Posted by agentblack View Post
They dont actually IMO. Players choose to go the games because of the status of playing at the event and the chance to compete and win gold on an international stage. If a professional or the league they represent make a profit straight from the IOC itself that just sets up a bad precedent in the future.
The players can't just choose to participate. It has to be in conjunction with NHL (the league) approval. The NHL (the league) does not stand to gain much from shortening their revenue-generating operations so that their workforce can participate in games that will be airing on tape delay in North America. The IOC on the other hand, is going to have a hell of a time getting people in the stands and eyeballs on the TV sets if NHL players aren't involved.

The NHL (the league) allowed their workforce to participate in the Vancouver games because they knew it would garner interest from casual sports fans in North America. Time zone is a huge factor here. A hockey game during breakfast time on a weekday is not compelling tv for Joe Schmoe in Wisconsin. Nor is a game on tape delay when the outcome is already water cooler talk.

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