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03-05-2013, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by jcman View Post
The good thing about Arena Wear is that I am near Harrison so if I wanted, I could go and inquire about it
Haha...dude you have no idea.

I work 5 minutes away from Arena Wear in Rye, and I drove over there on my lunch break a couple weeks ago. Walked in, and the guys looked at me like I had two heads. They don't get visitors very often, so they were kind of surprised they had someone walking in off the street. They are pretty cool though. They were showing me actual jerseys that the Rangers were going to be wearing the next week, and it was awesome to see that.

I went in to discuss them doing my 94' Richter jersey project. Recent Cosby jerseys ive seen look like ****, (90's era) so I wanted someone who can laser cut the twill and do the job to my exact specs. Using Adobe Illustrator, I drew out the RICHTER name in the thinner, 90's style font, and did the numbers as well. I used tons of reference photos, to get it as close as possible.

I printed out the letters, and numbers, and this is what it will look like. Next step is to bring them the jersey, the printed templates (for spacing, placement) and the digital file, and have them stitch everything on.

To say I am a jersey freak, perfectionist would be an understatement. I have been tweaking this thing for the past 3 weeks trying to get everything as perfect as I can!

Here it is as a work in progress, I am going to have it done in the next 2 weeks or so, so I will post photos of the finished jersey.

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