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Originally Posted by YARR123 View Post
Hardly a midget at 5'11, and I've heard he's pretty strong too for his size.
I've seen MacKinnon listed as 6'0 if he is 5'11 it's not problem to MacKinnon who seem to be naturally strong. However the main point was that Barkov is 6'3 and about 210lbs at 17 year old and MacKinnon is about 6'0-5'11 180lbs?

MacKinnon might be naturally strong for 5'11-6'0 but Barkov is manchild even for 6'3. Barkov beats grown up men at boards in FEL like nothing. The fact is that MacKinnon always has to hustle hard and it's much harder to him to win puck battles in the NHL at the boards. Imagine him fighting at boards with Backes, Toews and Weber+other physical defensemen. I'm not saying that MacKinnon ever is going to be in trouble or something but it's not as easy for him as for Barkov. Barkov is manchild and his frame and strength is likely going to be among the top on the league. He isn't the tallest or most heavy but Barkov is strong as hell as 17 year old kid. He is already challenging Ville Nieminen at Gym and Ville Nieminen is bulked up. Nieminen also stated that Barkov has only scratched the surface of his physical developement.

Both are still developing physically and 5'11 isn't bad. Crosby is 5'11 and he is the best player. But comparing MacKinnon in size and strength is like comparing their skating. Barkov will always be bigger and stronger than MacKinnon who is always going to be better skater.

Barkov isn't a bad skater like most of posters claims. Barkov plays the style which doesen't need elite skating ability. He is positioning himself perfectly, always seem to be inside of the play and when he has space he can suprise many with his speed. I've seen TSN people calling Barkov as very good skater, Button stating that he is very good skater, Oilers head amateur scout stating that Barkov is very good skater and CBJ new GM Kekäläinen has stated that Barkov is an good skater but looks slower because he is so big. If he was 5'11 then it would be issue but he is manchild who is still developing physically and his skating has developed with huge leaps from last year. Barkov never is going to be an elite skater but considering his age, his size and how he has developed his skating in a year i would call him an good skater. I would say that if Barkov continues to improve his skating like this then i would say that he is very good to excellent skater in the future not elite but tier below. That is more than enough for Barkov.

It's very interesting to see Barkov at the combine. I think that Barkov will get most attention at the combine and it will boost his status.

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