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03-05-2013, 08:38 AM
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Realistically though that's not the way penalties get called. The referees will assess the penalties at the end of the incident to reflect everything that has happened. If Chara had knocked down Emelin and then nothing else happened he would have been called for charging/interference/whatever. That doesn't mean they have to include that in light of what happens after.

If two guys drop the gloves, the referees will blow the whistle and stop the game. if they then don't do anything, they'll get called for delay of game. If they go onto fight, they'll get fighting penalties, they won't get the delay of game in addition.

If two players are scuffling with each other and the play is stopped, then nothing else happens they might get two minutes for roughing each. If they carry onto fight they'll get fighting penalties, they won't get the roughing ones they might have got initially in addition.

The referees gave Chara a fighting penalty and two minutes for instigating in light of his actions leading up to the fight. That's a perfectly standard interpretation of what happened and I doubt anyone looking at the incident in a neutral manner would think the decision anything other than pretty standard and obvious. The only really arguable part is whether Emelin should have got two for the initial crosscheck/push on Seguin.

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