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03-05-2013, 08:40 AM
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It's awesome.

Couple bugs here and there but the game saves often enough that it's not a problem at all

The platforming is above average, very responsive i like it, been going 100% Bow and it handles awesome

AI is ok, nothing special but the cover system really makes this game

and Lara's hair with TressFX on is so cool though it turns blond in dark places which is kinda weird but i've never seen anything like it

Game's pretty demanding, i couldn't play in Eyefinity cause i was getting less than 30 frames per second on Ultimate and had to run it at normal which is unacceptable

But on a single monitor it runs great on my 7970 GHz on Ultimate, lots of options too, good port as always by these guys

Welp going back at it, not going to bed till it's finished

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