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03-05-2013, 08:44 AM
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To the original poster you need to know what section of what act your lawyers think you would be violating by playing a public tv channel.

Section 31 of the Copyright Act

Retransmission of local and distant signals

(2) It is not an infringement of copyright for a retransmitter to communicate to the public by telecommunication any literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work if

(a) the communication is a retransmission of a local or distant signal;

(b) the retransmission is lawful under the Broadcasting Act;

(c) the signal is retransmitted simultaneously and without alteration, except as otherwise required or permitted by or under the laws of Canada;

(d) in the case of the retransmission of a distant signal, the retransmitter has paid any royalties, and complied with any terms and conditions, fixed under this Act; and

(e) the retransmitter complies with the applicable conditions, if any, referred to in paragraph (3)(b).

This is the closest thing I could find. I don't even think you are retransmitting the signal though... *shrug*

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