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03-05-2013, 08:57 AM
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Spent a few hours playing around last night on it- have to say I'm very excited about the game, looks to have so much potential. I don't know if it's possible for a game to ever rival the amount of hours I logged in the original EHM, or all the years of FOF (now that I'm an adult and have a real job)... but this one will be close. I can't wait for the real release and on-line leagues.

I haven't played OOTP in a few years so it will take a little getting used to simply just clicking around.

Couple things I noticed / would like to see...

1) I can't find it anywhere on the player screen when a player was originally drafted, and would be nice if we could a how acquired line.

2) I remember in OOTP there used to be a screen to make it easy to shuffle the minor rosters around, like a drag and drop to send guys from Majors to AAA, to AA, to A... It'd be nice to have something similiar here with different color codes on where they are eligible to go / what type of contract they have.

NHL to AHL to ECHL to Back to Juniors sort of all in one page

I had one crash- I started a historic league in 1970- simmed through the year quickly and it crashed soon after the finals.... I'm not even sure if historic league is supposed to work yet.

Can you post a link to the OOTP forums for FHM Beta where we can post us our thoughts / ideas / bug encounters.

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