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03-05-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Platitudes such as "I dont want us taking steps backwards" and so on. Already done that Jerry. In getting rid of Tindall prematurely, and it looks to me to be partially personal, Tindall neither malleable nor subservient, power play. Yet Skeete, who is subservient & malleable, he favours, telling council "its crazy". This Jerry Weiers guy, he needs some watching. Career politician.
It seems to me that the politicians and staff who put the city into a massive deficit were the ones that need some watching, no? The new council majority seems compelled to do just that. I would hesitate to call any dismissals premature. Looks like Weiers and the majority are systematically eradicating the inefficiencies that created the problems (which extend well beyond the Coyotes). But for the purposes of our forum, the new majority doesn't seem to want to delude themselves with Clarkonomic misrepresentations and obfuscations. The economic reality is the Coyotes at AMF $13MM are about the worst possible use of the arena; which means if the new council continues to act prudently, the team is very likely one of the inefficiencies that will be cut.

None of this seems like a "power play" to me. It seems like a long overdue, logical return to basic fiduciary duties.

Make no mistake.... the council is split 3-3 and Weiers will be playing both sides against each other
That's just a bit melodramatic, don't you think?

Originally Posted by XX View Post
ASU moving the chains slowly but surely on the redevelopment project. If such an arena is ever announced, the clock starts ticking on the Coyotes and the Suns.
That concept probably belongs in the discard bin. NBA/NHL business models generally involve controlling all arena revenues. Why would the university ever give that type of control to a team?

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