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03-05-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Are you really ready to roll with Eller (career .33 PPG)
Lyrical, behold the irrational arguments of a genuine hater.

Building an argument off obviously irrelevant and decontextualized statistics.

Eller was 23 to start this season. He has 0.55 ppg this year. You know what DD's points per game in the NHL was at that age? It was undefined. As such the comparison doesn't hold.

A huge number of players in the NHL, I think nearly all, would have higher points per game average in their career if they spent a full 4 years each in the Q and then a full 3.5 years in the ECHL/AHL. However, that doesn't often happen as managements often bite the bullet if the players can be good enough to start at age 21 or even 18 (like Galchenyuk).

I've had my glass of whiskey (it's late in this time zone), and even I know you can't compare career ppg between players who started at different ages. Only someone blinded by passion (let's be euphemistic) would fail to see that.

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