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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
A skeptic with a legit argument is not a hater. One without? Well, simple enough.

It's about being objective. DD is what he is.

I hear a lot of "you can't win with him", but we're winning with him. He's even being clutch.

I hear a lot of "DD needs big wingers to play well" and then he gets gallagher...and plays well.

At the end of the day, DD is an asset. He helps the team, he has a positive impact. Can we win with Desharnais? Absolutely. Can we win more with Mats Sundin in his prime? Yes. I'm sure we may win a few more with lemieux in his prime too. Just because one player may have a bigger impact, does not mean DD doesn't have a positive one.

People need to let it go. DD is part of the team and likely to stay unless we can find an upgrade. If we can get one at the right price, cya DD. Then again, if we can get one at the right price, cya Eller. And so on...

DD CLEARLY is not an untouchable. If anyone ever says that, I'd call them out for it. DD is not a star center nor is he martin st louis now and probably ever.

Still, DD competes, he plays bigger than his size, so does gallagher. I take these guys on my team 10 times out of 10. They help us win.

By no means does this mean DD is immune to criticism. I surely hope if he plays badly, we discuss it. Yet, he's playing well and competing, what's the problem?
Last year, having DD play with Pacioretty and Cole mean that Plekanec played with Staubitz and White (or Moen, or Darche) and Eller played with Bourque. The reverbations of a strong DD line was a last place team.

This year, our winger depth is stronger:
- Galchenyuk and Gallagher have been added to the team. We get a full season of these two rather than half a season of Cammalleri of AK46. An unexpected upgrade.
- Darche's replacement, Armstrong, is not playing on the 2nd line.
- Prust and Armstrong each play 2 minutes a game on the PK, saving the stamina of Plekanec, who is playing a minute less per game than last year, making him more effective on offense.
- Bourque's injury has the same effect as Gionta's injury last year.

Due to the upgrades on the wings, having DD center an offensive specialist line is not a detriment to the team this year as it was last year. Last year it was a net negative because rolling Staubitz-Plekanec-White as a 2nd line was too big a price to pay, this year, we have more depth, so it is strategic time allocation.

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