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Originally Posted by Boughie Man View Post
Hey Guys,

New to the form. Big Spits fan. Don't get out to the rink too much I usually catch the broadcasts and I wanted to get your thoughts on how the new guys did in their first year on the job. For me the obvious star was Warriner. I think this guy parlays a couple years in this job to a better one. Macleod has been good granted anyone could look good over the previous guy. As for Aversa I really think the kid has some talent and potential I just wish he would give us more opinions rather than apologies. Some times it seems that Bob and Warren are in his ear pieces telling him exactly what propoganada to spread.

Aversa is Terable, does anyone know if he watched any hockey before this season? Guy looks lost to me, makes a mistake it seems like every time he talks. Warriner is the worst I honestly think your him trying to get opinions on what fans think, sure the guy has the most knowledge of the three but the guy seems off, i mean he's just slow when he talks and has no enthusiasm at all, I hope he's gone after this season. McCloud is alright I guess, he has some enthusiasm at least and calls the game alright but Id still rather have good ol Kelso calling the games with Dom by his side... This "new look" is a joke in my opinion I mean if the fans liked Dom and Kelso they should have kept them period.And the Highlighted part is where i laughed hard out loud...did you watch any games previous to this season? with a guy like Kelso you get way into the game because thats the way he called it, he wasnt just a play by play guy he was a big fan to and its Kelso>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Macloud and Dom>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Aversa and Warriner this is just my opinion tho.

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