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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Probably correct, though it's too bad because it makes the Bruins look like a bunch of massive whiners.

And their fans are in denial about it. That's the best part. You would not believe the number of PMs I got from Bruins fans for the post I made on the first page of this thread.

They are oblivious. They don't see it as whining, they think of this pissing and moaning as heroic.
From Wikipedia:

Cognitive dissonance theory explains human behavior by positing that people have a bias to seek consonance between their expectations and reality. According to Festinger, people engage in a process he termed "dissonance reduction", which can be achieved in one of three ways: lowering the importance of one of the discordant factors, adding consonant elements, or changing one of the dissonant factors. This bias sheds light on otherwise puzzling, irrational, and even destructive behavior.

We are all subject to this, more or less, and I think all sports fans make that more obvious. Boston fans, particularly at this point in time, are accustomed to having the top team and now that belief of supremacy is being challenged.

So we see posts such as "it's only one game"(lowering importance) and "they're a bunch of divers, sissies" (adding a consonant factor) and"it's the refs, we was robbed"(changing a dissonant factor)

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