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Originally Posted by jughead42 View Post
It's possible that the Red Sox used some nerd formula to win a championship I guess, but it is far more likely that they won because they had guys who had the heart to get it done when the games were on the line. How do you give any credit to moneyball when the team came back from a 3 nothing deficit to the best team in baseball? No statistic will ever capture accurately a players heart, and it's the most important statistic when it comes to winning. If player A and B both fit the exact same statistical model, there's still nothing taking into account which of the two is more likely to play on a broken leg in an important game, or which one is going to fold like a tent under the pressure. Nerds have always wanted to be a part of sports and feel like they can use math and formulas to understand what these guys do, but at the end of the day statistics and therefor moneyball strategies will only ever provide a small piece of the puzzle.
Which is the route the Rockies took. All good christians with heart. No more troublemakers with swag and stats on their side. It's not like it's getting them anywhere.

I still think people put way too much stock in heart and whatnot. Sure it's important, but you have to remember that those guys are pro athletes. Pro sports is extremely competitive. You don't get there just with the "talents" you received at birth. Most of them worked extremely hard to get there.

Just recently they ran a video on Jonathan Drouin on TSN. Kid played hockey 8 hours a day. Same for Crosby. Outside of very few exceptions, like T-Mac and a couple others, most guys have played their butts off all their life. So, the heart thing pretty much cancels off at the pro level. Sure some people will play that thing to get ratings and get on people's back but IMO, it's way overblown.

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