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Originally Posted by GermanyMontrealExpat View Post
As a French Canadian, it bugs me that this is this dish for which we are known above all. Not much of a culinary tradition, when in fact there are some traditional Quebec dishes worth promoting. There are not many in relation to France (until lately, in large part due to a recent rapprochement with the French), because Quebec settlers had relatively few ingredients in relation to France, and also largely missed on an evolution in cooking in France, namely when Auguste Escoffier influenced cooking there in the 19th century. But still, there is more out there (cipaille, tourtiere du Lac St-Jean, various forms of game: deer, etc.). Sorry for sounding elitist, but this stuff trumps poutine for me.
So you'd go to London and never get fish and chips, Paris and never have a Brie baguette and New-York and not eat their world famed pizza slices ? Every culture has their bottom of the pyramid culinary arts. And guess what, we do too. We wouldn't have a culture if we didn't. Snobbing the poutine because there's more to it in Quebec's culinary culture is just that, snobism.

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