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12-21-2003, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by shaolin_goon
For the game, i only wanted to say that the laffs were very lucky to win tonight, i was pretty sure it was gonna go into OT, but that goal by Sundin was pure fluke, hey it happens *shrug*

But on to my main topic: Andreas Dackell

To be honest with u, i really like the guy this year, he's been top notch at doing what he's been asked to do. But i have one main complaint: this guy cannot score for the life of him. I mean, take another look at the replay on the empty net he missed, how many guys do u know that would miss that? it's a shame really, because that's more or less his life story. How many times can i recall Dackell missing God given opportunities to score? it's actually mind boggling...had he scored on that shot last night, the game would of been totally different. Now i have heard that they have training camps in Russia (or somewhere in Asia/Europe) where the players concentrate on their skating, and im fairly certain that they have one specifically to refine shooting/scoring. Wouldnt it be a good idea if he were to attend such a camp? i mean, with the chances this guy gets, had he had a little more practice on his snipping, he'd be a regular 40 goal scorer (ok, im exagerrating, but you get my drift). I dont believe that Dackell is dead wood, far from it actually, i just think he needs a little more development...i hate to see a potential game breaker go to waste like that (im talking about "le fillet completement ouvert" here) if someone knows how to get in touch with the guy, please tell him...

a dood considerably losing hair over his missfires
I agree with you about Daga playing very well this year. There were a few games in the beginning where he (and sundsrtum) didnt play well but they learned that CJ wasn't going to put up with that crap. As far as the missed oppurtunities. What can you say, we pay him to be a defensive specialist with the odd goal. He's missed some very nive oppurtunities but....**** happens. As far as last night goes. If you take a really close look at the replay, you'll notice the spin on the puck. After it hit Belfour, it was spinning, and when Dags shot the puck, the spin was making it rotate away from the net. This is a very simple description and it's hard to imagine but physics came in to play last night.

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