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03-05-2013, 10:33 AM
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Problem is they play with no emotion. When they do, they play with jump. Last week against Dallas Weber got pissed. He took a stick to the face. He leveled to Stars on the rest of his shift. When he plays controlled and with no emotion he's a great player, when he plays angry, he's a freaking beast and the team feeds off of it. Pronger was a beast like that because he was just plain mean. Stevens played like that. Let Weber play like that. Let guys wonder when they come into the offensive zone if Weber is lurking around the corner. If they know they can come in and all he's going to do is give them a love tap, they'll skate circles around him. Let him be the beast that he is. I have never seen a stronger guy on the ice then him. If he plays with that emotion and stays out of the box, we're a better team for it. He laid two monster hits on Dallas guys and didn't go to the box. I think the coaches want to see him play a level headed game. Well, that's all fine and good but he isn't putting fear into anyone. You think guys like going in against Chara? They shouldn't be too happy to go up against Weber either.

Someone put up an interesting stat about the longest tenured coaches in all the major sports leagues and in the NBA, MLB and NFL all those guys had championships, some of them multiple championships but also runs to multiple finals and big games. As much as I've enjoyed Trotz and what he can bring to a team, he can't get them over the hump. He needs to go at some point and the way the team gave up last night on him, it may be that time.

Poile may need to go as well and it may be time for Fenton to take over. He's a young creative mind. He knows how to draft well. Let him have the reigns. Shero has done wonders in Pittsburgh after being mentored by Poile. Maybe it's time to let go and let Fenton be the man. Belichik certainly did fine once he left his mentor, Parcells and he hasn't looked back. He's actually done better.

If a coach normally gets the most out of his players and he's not getting anything out of them, it's time for a changed. Outscored 12-3 on this road trip? Really? It's ridiculous. Guys being left alone in the slot game after game taking pot shots at Rinne from close distance. It's silly. No one sticks up for anyone else. How many times does Rinne get bumped or whacked after the whistle? How many times is Hornqvist taking a beating? What about Blum going face first into the boards a few nights ago and our guys just like, whatever. Stand up for another for once. Finish a check. Do something. Show emotion.

To go out and play like we did last night was embarrassing. I was able to score some tix for Friday night but part of me is like, what do I care, if they're going to play like that, I shouldn't even bother. This is what we waited for because of the lockout? Overpaid bunch of babies. Go out and play the game like you mean it.

I also wonder if our strength and conditioning guy needs to go. Our guys seem slow this year compared to other teams. Teach them how to skate.

We also suck at faceoffs. Learn how to win them. We've got one of the best guys in the league at winning them, let them learn from him. Call up Yannick Perrault and get him in to teach a clinic on how to win faceoffs. It's ridiculous that our team can't win a faceoff on the PP to save our lives. We can't hardly set anything up on the PP and get good scoring chances. Oh that's right, we have two guys that are abysmal at handling the puck on PP unit 1 in Horny and Fisher. Really, let's put SK on the point and that will solve things? That was the answer Trotz? I honestly think a baboon could actually put lines out there that make more sense. Let's break up SK, Smith and Clune who had been the only line doing anything and put Spaling out there in place of Clune. I'm as big a fan of Spaling as there is but Clune earned his spot out there with those two and it was working but hey, let's change it up. Oh yeah, Wilson is finally producing but let's move him away from Erat and Legwand both. That makes a lot of sense. He hasn't been the same player since he's been moved.

My question is, which player has the goat pictures?

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