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Originally Posted by Mort Divine View Post
an even BIGGER shame is your lack of mentioning BEHERIT!

Originally Posted by Behn Wilson View Post
I just recently bought the Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes cd. I had seen it recently pop up on a few of best of death metal lists so figured Id give it a whirl. I liked it. Wasnt blow away by it but liked it. Was thinking of next getting their debut cd The Karelian Isthmus. Id read they were death metal the first two albums then kind of changed styles a bit.

Not sure if I will get it but thinking of it. Will probably give the Tales cd another spin before I decide.
Highly suggest you order it man. It's got Privilege of Evil at the end on the re-issue and is first-rate death metal in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Mort Divine View Post
Taking random elements from genres of music that are artistically incompatible with the spirit of metal is NOT creativity at work. It is an attempt at gathering attention by doing something "OH SO RANDOM AND CRAZY" rather than through the merit of their work being in the compositional strength.

Black metal is significantly more diverse than any other style of metal and it isn't even something that can be argued.
Agree with the first paragraph wholeheartedly. On the second, I'd say, death metal is up there too.

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