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Originally Posted by CanaFan View Post
But you're using the fact that none of these Gillis picks has clearly succeeded or busted to your advantage. Sure some of these prospects look good now, but so did Sergei Shirokov at the same point. I would put serious money down wagering that of your 'depth picks' above - excluding Corrado - none will make any serious impact in the NHL (play more than 1 season, play significant role). Every team in the NHL has a pool of depth prospects like this or better. The difference for Nonis is that he oversaw 4 drafts that yielded our #1 or #2 defenseman, our current #1 goalie, two solid borderline 2nd/high end 3rd line wingers, and a 30-goal scorer on another team. That doesn't even include Bourdon, who was tracking to almost certainly be a top 4 or higher dman.

I'm not advocating that Nonis was any sort of drafting genius, but he often gets incorrectly labelled as a horrible drafter on the basis of one draft and one pick in particular. Gillis, on the other hand, gets credit as an amazing drafter largely on the backs of players who aren't even in the NHL yet but fans project a near 100% success rate for.
It took 5+ years to get to the point where any of those guys became the players you describe. It has only been 4 years since the 09 draft. The team is also a lot better so you'll see less guys making it as fast as they could then.

More coals in the fire gives you a better chance of success. Nonis ended up with some hits but he also ended up with a whole lot of nothing out of the rest of his picks. No depth players, no call-ups, nothing.

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