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03-05-2013, 10:45 AM
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Trotz or Poile may or may not be the problem. Historically one can't deny the defense they has put to together is playoff worthy. The short coming is and always has been offense. Last year being the exception, which is amazing that this basic group did what they did last year.

After the second goal last night it just seemed the entire team just melted down.Look to be going thru the motions but little else. The Borque goal was opportunistic due to a breakdown by the Kings. The Kings have been struggling this year much the same way the Preds have been. The major difference they have a group of forwards that can turn there situation arround. There is not one forward on this team that has played NHL caliber hockey this year at the 1st or 2nd line level.

I took alot of heat in another thread predicting that before this road trip began the next 6 gaes would tell the tell about making the playoffs. Well I was wrong it only took three games. This current roster has no chance of making it happen.

There has been something on ice that has brought them to this point. Is it how the AK, Radu thing was handled? Is it the Weber situation? Is it the inability to ice lines consistantly, for the most part its like names are put into a hat and drawn out to set lines. Is it that the forwards experienced playoff success last year has went to there head and they have the self image they are all Steven Stamkos and will not pull the trigger unless its a perfect shot? There is something that we have no clue about, it is up to the coaching staff to get this corrected. Even then the talent level is not offensivley competitive.

As to what to do short term some new blood needs to be added. Im not convinced bringing anyone up from Milwaukee would be a good idea. The can develope there much better than on an NHL roster. Smith is a perfect example of how quick a players confidence can be crushed. Im not sold he is a top caliber player in the first place but his skill level is sure hurt at ths point. He was a 4th round pick for goodness sake and while gems are found in later rounds he is no Datsyuk. And Datsyuk played 5 years after being drafted before sticking. College hockey rarely prepares players for the NHL that is the issue with Smith and could be with Watson as well. Heck look at Wilson were still waiting for him to breakout as well.

All that said just to point out the development program has two standards they develop defensemen thru the system and play craps with offense. Why I don't know.

If the reports that some changes are coming sooner rather than later you would have to think it will be by April 3rd. In all likleyhood too late to salvage this season. Much pressure will lessened if they can win Friday but at this point im not sure they can beat the kids from the Oil either.

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