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03-05-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Under your respect, I stopped reading at "Moen is a professional". He certainly doesn't act as such. If not doing anything in the Leafs game OR in the Boston game is considered normal, I certainly don't have the same definition as people do. For Christ sake, Markov had more hits than him last Sunday.
I think he has trouble finding a role for himself in Therrien's system. He also had a very bad game.

There might be other reasons too. Maybe he wasn't prepared for the season physically, maybe he's just getting older&slower and wants to concentrate on being useful as a hockey player by playing defensive hockey. Maybe he's nursing injuries.

A lot of things can explain him having trouble this season other than ''jealous of Prust''. Moen isn't a star player and has never been, he's always been a support player and even in that role there he was rarely the best on his teams. He's in the NHL not because of skills but because of his positive attitude and hard workers like that are rarely jealous or envious of others, they just work harder. Perhaps our perception of him was skewed because of his role for us in previous years but I don't believe he's never been an enforcer, thats just not who he is as a player. He's probably happy that he doesn't have that role anymore.

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