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03-05-2013, 11:34 AM
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What I would REALLY like to see is a draft system based on how many points last place has, and how many points are had by each team above them. If the last place team is TERRIBLE and 6 - 10 points behind the next team, they deserve odds that are pretty good. HOWEVER, if the second last team is only one point better than the last place team, their odds should be almost as good, because ONE shootout goal could be the difference between drafting Steven Stamkos or drafting some other guy who is probably good but more importantly, Isn't Steven Stamkos. I mean, any pick in the top 5 will HOPEFULLY be good, but if you pick first, you're WAY more likely to get a guy you can build a team around.

If 29th, and 30th are tied, and go into a shootout on the last day of the season, 29th place shouldn't be 8% less likely to get the chance to take the best player in the draft because their goalie had a better shootout. It should be closer to 1 - 3%, since they're virtually the same. The lottery odds should be adjusted to the margin of how badly a team needs the pick.

Or if there is only really 5 points separating 30th and 25th, they should all have odds that reflect that they all need the pick nearly as much. Obviously there would have to be fine print, limits on how far you could jack your odds by being terrible, but I think it would be a more fair system, and better account for the true gaps between borderline playoff teams, and total disasters.

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