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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
Isn't Burke a bit of an innovator himself? He has his own methods for building teams that not everyone agrees with, and while it never worked in TO has done well for him overall, he's the architect behind a great Olympic team as well. Doesn't seem to be the guy to accuse of being a dinosaur, what with his own syste. I don't blame his daughter, the poster I responded too used his daughters quote as "proof" even she is ashamed. I doubt she is ashamed.

A lot of hurt feelings around here. Is it ok to disagree with math? Is it ok to have a divergent opinion? Burke has earned his right to his opinion, and his style of thinking has carried him far in hockey. Obviously that won't get him much from this crowd.
What has Burke done that was so innovative? And what does that have to do with listening to the idea of others anyways? Just because you have your own ideas about how to do things, does that mean you don't have to listen to anybody else? Does that make one so arrogant that they assume they know everything and don't have to learn anything anymore? You don't have to earn a right to your own opinion, everyone has this right, it doesn't make your opinion right or wrong.

The poster you responded to never used the word "proof" or the word ashamed in his post, please read more carefully before posting in the future.

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