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03-05-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by notDkristich View Post
Is it really a focus on righty lefty on the correct side, or coach speak for we have no confidence in hammer, and shultz?
It has spanned several coaches now, even back to Bryan Murray, long before George got here. All our coaches seem to tow the right shot on right side company line, yet it seems few other teams have such strong a preference. Even Oates has made statements before coaching here, about being handedness aware. But it's like it's page one in the Capitals all time playbook.

Hammer had been in the doghouse for a full year, his days numbered. Olesky is here because our defense is soft as butter, and Green and Orlov are out.

They really do like proper handedness on D, its not a charade to **** can players. George just scratches indefinitely or waives the undesirables.

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