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Originally Posted by Slimmy View Post
The creation of an European Championship is in the works and Kalervo Kummola of the IIHF is quoted as saying that the tourney would comprize of 16 to 24 countries and the starting date is set to somewhere in 2014-2015.

The existing format of the Euro Hockey Tour would be scraped, accoarding to René Fasel of the IIHF, and replaced with a European Championship. Discussions whether the World Championship of Hockey and the European equivalent should be held every other year has also been mentioned.

Possible teams participating as of the current IIHF ranking:

1. Ryssland.
2. Finland.
3. Tjeckien.
4. Sverige.
5. Slovakien.
6. Norge.
7. Schweiz.
8. Tyskland.
9. Lettland.
10. Danmark.
11. Vitryssland.
12. Frankrike.
13. Österrike.
14. Italien.
15. Kazakstan.
16. Slovenien.
17. Ungern.
18. Ukraina.
19. Storbritannien.
20. Polen.
21. Holland.
22. Litauen.
23. Estland.
24. Rumänien.
That'd be

1. Russia
2. Finland
3. Czech Republic
4. Sweden
5. Slovakia
6. Norway
7. Switzerland
8. Germany
9. Latvia
10. Denmark
11. Belarus
12. France
13. Austria
14. Italy
15. Kazakhstan
16. Slovenia
17. Hungary
18. Ukraine
19. Great Britain
20. Poland
21. Netherlands
22. Lithuania
23. Estonia
24. Rumania

I like the idea, although you'd probably get bored watching Russia beat Estonia with 26-1. But it'll definitly be more interesting than Euro Hockey Tour.
It could be great for spreading hockey in the smaller nations.

There was also an idea about a Ryder Cup for hockey (North America vs Europe) in swedish media today which I'd love to see. Players seemed positive to it aswell.

More meaningful international tournaments would be great for the sport. Ditch the current World Championships and bring back the World Cup, with all the best players available. The Euros could be every two years to make it more interesting, played between the World Cup and Olympics.

A four year period could look like this:
World Cup

The Euros would be played around the same time the WC is being played right now, making some NHL players available.

If they go through with this and the World Cup, the World Championships need to go, otherwise it'd be too much.

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