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Originally Posted by The Doors View Post
So because McQuaid, who is a moron, takes out his frustration by challenging a guy who would obviously beat the **** out of, Moen should go out next shift and fight McQuaid? Why? Do get 20,000 Bruins fans going nuts behind their team in the stands? So that it can escalate to Shawn Thorton fighting White, and etc, and etc?

I agree with you, watching McQuaid-Eller sequence was annoying. But also because I knew Eller was jousting with his stick and would get ****ed up. It's a tough call to make, because as talented as he is, it would be nice to have a lineup of 12 guys who don't have to back down from anyone.

I don't care about how many hits Moen was marked as having on the scorecoard. Do you think the 20 guys on the team are like, "Damn, I wish Moen would have fought someone". No I bet they are quite happy taking the high road and winning the game.

The way to add more muscle to this team is through adding one or two tough defenceman instead of having eight (8!) guys who are not physically intimidating.

There's a fair difference between running after McQuaid and starting a bashfest on the ice, and not hitting anybody on the ice against a hated rival.

The role of a 4th line is to make the opponent's life miserable and to take the body on them. This 4th line has not done any of this last Sunday, neither have they done so for most of the year.

I'm pretty sure guys like Subban, Galchenyuk, Eller and Desharnais wish they got more help from Moen when Prust already had his hands full with Lucic.

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