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12-21-2003, 05:10 AM
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I enjoy this type of discussion. It sure beats the anger and innuendo of a trade rumor.

Originally Posted by oilers_guy_eddie
Comrie's status will be exactly the same as any other RFA this summer. Contract expires July 1; Flyers will have sent in a qualifying offer to retain his rights. CBA expires Sept 15; Flyers are in the same position with respect to Comrie as any other team in regard to 23 year old RFAs whose rights are held.
This is a valid point - which need not be made smugly (nuckfan), as if the C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N are in the room and would be best served to not exposed to such things. I should have read a little more beyond GC's post before I wrote. Your statement is a valid one, too, nuckfan - nobody knows when a new deal will be worked out, but it doesn't appear now that it will be as soon as September 16.

Anywho, to take things a little further, it's clear that Clarke wanted a one-year contract (the Flyers' website reported Rich Winter wanted a two-year deal), and he stated that it was due in part to uncertainty with the way in which the eventual new bargaining agreement will shake out. Why? He either isn't aware of how the bargaining agreement works (unlikely), or thinks the organization is in a better financial situation to wait.

Will Clarke want to sign his restricted free agents before September 15? If you listen to him - which is a gamble in its own right as he's a cryptic negotiator - it seems he wouldn't sign them. Well, he'll certainly have to submit a qualifying offer long before if he wants to keep them or their rights. Maybe he thinks his restricted won't accept the 10% raise, and the impending work (ha!) stoppage will be a mutually understandable reason. In that case, it might be worth it from his point of view to take a chance the player will sign the qualifying offer. If that is true, it's wise negotiating. However, maybe he just wants to see how the player does this year, and he's using the excuse of his team's finances as a bartering tool for next summer's negotiations.

Will Comrie want to sign a contract before a new agreement is hammered out knowing that he might have many more benefits by waiting for a contract that has no grandfather clause? I don't know, but it's another situation that's not as cut-and-dry as "sign-the-contract-in-July or slave-in-the-furniture-warehouse." Perhaps players and organizations in this situation will take a wait-and-see approach. As nuckfan and Ed have mentioned, organizations will have to make their restricted players qualifying offers or they will become unrestricted.

After that, it's a guess.

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