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03-05-2013, 12:21 PM
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I agree with much of what is being said on here- I have been trying to stay positive, but I admit it- I have just about lost hope for this season.

I will say this- I think the “fire Trotz and Poile” talk is premature.

We have had 7 straight very successful seasons- 100+ points in 4 of 7 years and one of the few franchises with 40+ wins in 7 straight seasons. And we are coming off one of the best seasons in franchise history.

Yep, this season has completely sucked. But we are barely 6 weeks into a strike shortened season. And as horrendous as we have looked, we are still somehow, someway, still in the playoff hunt. We are 9-9-5, not 3-15-5. If we were to win the two home games this weekend we would be right back in the hunt. And I will also point out that last year after 27 games our record (12-11-4) was about the same as it is right now- many on here were calling for firings then, too- and we only went on to have one of the best seasons in franchise history.

If we were sitting here with a history of losing (ala Blue Jackets, Islanders, or even the long gone Thrashers (11 years with 0 playoff wins and 1 playoff appearance- try that on for size) THEN I would be right on board with firing everybody and blowing it up. But having 7 straight great seasons followed by a month and a half of .500 hockey is not enough to fire anyone- YET.

I guess I am in the vast minority, but Trotz and Poile have earned the right to have the chance to turn this around. But the clock is ticking. One of the problems with having the same coach for a long period of time is eventually (and usually much sooner than has happened here) things get stale- maybe that time is coming (or is already here).

Just to be clear, I am not trying to say everything is fine- it most definitely is not- changes need to happen, both now, at the trade deadline, and most definitely in the offseason.

But as some others have said, I am willing to ride out this weird, strike shortened season and see what happens. If this winds up being a down year, so be it- maybe we can luck out and get a top 5 pick in the draft and go all in during the offseason for adding offensive help. Ownership needs to put their money where their mouth is- they HAVE to spend some $$ in the offseason- period. If we are still sitting in a similar position a month into NEXT season, then it is truly time to clean house.

The thing I hate about all of this is the timing- attendance, fan support, interest in the team and hockey in Nashville is at an all time high. We needed a season like last year and another playoff run to capitalize on all the excitement and interest- instead, it looks like we may be headed for our worst season in a long time- really a shame. Whatever happens this season, I just hope it won’t slow the momentum of the franchise too much……………..

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