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Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
I could go either way on this one.

I'm a big Dave Poulin backer and in the real NHL that was one of the top lines for a few seasons..

One one hand his offensive resume is laughably bad as a second liner in the ATD.

On the other hand, his work ethic, faceoff ability and defensive responsibility let the line with Propp and Kerr be very effective as a unit. He also chipped in an effective amount of offense.

I think for me, my decision of how effective they are will depend on who they are facing somewhat..
Yeah it depends who they are going up against, and how they are being used. I will say this, the average 2nd line in the ATD, which is what I'm assuming they will be matching up against most of the time, is probably better than all but a few lines those guys faced in the NHL.

EDIT: Too add, I definitely think if you have to pick between Backstrom and Poulin without considering anything else, Backstrom is the one to go with; however, in this scenario, with Backstrom on the third line, they are a real threat to score going the other way...if Poulin was moved there I don't think they would be nearly as dangerous.

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